First Time at the Drive-In

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So I’ve been begging my husband to go to a drive-in movie for a couple years now, and we finally went! I’d never been to one before, I think they had all been torn down where I grew up, but there’s one left in the Denver Metro area. It’s the 88th Ave Drive-In Theater ( They do 3 moview for $8 a person, and kids under 12 are free. This weekend’s showings were 1-Despicable Me 2, 2-World War Z, and 3-Man of Steel. They don’t start till around 8:45, so you have to stay up pretty late in order to make it through all 3, but if you can it’s quite the deal.

It was a cool experience and I had a lot of fun, but there are a couple caveats to that. First, it’s not in the best part of town. It’s in a very industrial area, and quite a drive from where I live. I wouldn’t go there by myself, but with my husband it felt okay. Second, it’s very hard to follow certain types of movies at a drive-in. Despicable Me 2 was great, World War Z (which we didn’t make it all the way through) was pretty difficult. The sound at the theater is done by tuning your car radio into a certain channel, so it’s okay, but not great. The screen was smaller than I expected as well, had this huge screen in my mind, but it wasn’t all that big really. Those were my downsides as a first time drive-in theater goer, but sitting on the tailgate of the SUV, eating dinner and watching a movie while the baby played in on a pile of blankets was overall pretty cool.

    Knitting a Baby Blanket

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    As some of you might know, I am an avid knitter. I took a couple knitting classes while I was pregnant and got hooked. It’s surprisingly a very relaxing activity once you get the hang of it. There are some people that even use it to meditate because the pattern can lull you into a zone. Although I took my knitting with me to the hospital to help calm me during labor……nope, didn’t work that day. Probably more likely I would have stabbed somebody with a knitting needle had I sat down and tried to knit. But on a normal day, totally helps calm the nerves :)

    A friend of mine recently gave birth to twins, and I’ve been working on blankets for them. I started about a month before they were due, and tada!……a month after they’re born I’ve finally finished “one” of them (the boy blanket to be exact). I know, not that impressive time wise, but the blanket turned out looking pretty good. I found the pattern on, which is an excellent site for knitting and crocheting if you’re unfamiliar with it. Feel free to friend me there if you’d like, I’m Aracanus, as usual. Here’s a link to the project page on ravelry, and a picture of the finished project. Very simple lace pattern, I highly recommend it for anyone’s first attempt at doing yarn overs.


      Homemade Apple Sauce

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      Once my son started eating real food, I decided that I was going to make most of it myself rather than give him store-bought baby food. Honestly, it’s not cause I want to be natural or green or anything, it’s really just because I’m cheap. Plain and simple, it costs less to make it on your own.

      His favorite thing that I make for him is Applesauce, and I’ve been asked by several daycare moms how I make it. So here’s my recipe!

        First Case of the Sniffles

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        Tuesday night I was thrilled, my son slept through the entire night and I thought, “It’s happening! I’m going to be able to sleep again!” Unfortunately the universe had some other plans for me. Wednesday night we were up 3 or 4 times because he was having a hard time breathing. It seems that he’s caught a case of the sniffles from daycare (and only 3 days into it!), so he was super congested last night and just couldn’t get comfortable. Meaning this morning, I was exhausted! Poor little guy was too though. After I got up and took a shower, I let him sleep to try and catch-up, finally woke him up at 6:30 to get dressed and eat.Child's nasal aspirator isolated on a white background

        Since he’s never been sick before, I’ve never had to use that bulb syringe thing for his nose. Well, it definitely works, but he did not like it one bit. He would squirm around when I tried to put it in his nose, and when I finally got something out, he would start to cry. I guess those things are something that you just have to get used to using. I took his temperature too, since you’re not supposed to take kids into daycare with a fever, and I’d have to use a sick day if I couldn’t take him to daycare. He didn’t so much like the thermometer either, and it is the least invasive one I possible could have used. When I was registering for baby stuff I had thought an ear thermometer was the way to exergen-temporal-thermometer-2267477-01go, but then when I was in the hospital with him they used a forehead (or arterial) thermometer on me and I thought if it’s good enough for the hospital, it’s good enough for me. They’re pretty handy little items. You just place the tip in the middle of your kid’s forehead, push the button, and then move it up into their hairline. I believe it uses IR to measure temperature, so it’s not going to be quite as acurate as say a rectal thermometer (but really, do we need to be that accurate at home?). Now like I said, this has got to be the least invasive type of thermometer for kiddos, but still I could not get him to hold still. That’s the thing about a 5 month old, you can’t reason with them and say, “Hey, hold still for just a few seconds.” After around 10 attempts, I got enough average readings that I assumed he didn’t have a fever, and we got packed to go to daycare.

        Even though he didn’t feel great, he was still all smiles and snuggles. He’s just so sweet, it would be impossible not to love that little boy. So now I’m at work, hoping that he’s feeling better and that I won’t get a call during the day saying I need to come get him. I just wish he didn’t feel bad on his first Valentine’s Day. Just means I’ll have to give him extra snuggles tonight.

          PUPPS – How to Deal With It

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          PUPPS – it stands for pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of rpegnancy, and what it means for you is a terrible rash that just won’t go away (I’ll let you Google what it looks like on your own if you want to see some examples). It occurs during pregnancy for unknown reasons and is most commonly found on the torso and hips. I also got it under my arms and behind my knees. From what I’ve read about it, doctors don’t seem to really understand why some women get it and others don’t, and often times they don’t have a good plan for you to deal with it. So if it’s something that you’re dealing with, here are some tips for what I did to get by.

          • Freeze a Wet Washcloth – Take a washcloth, get it wet, and stick it in the freezer for a while. Once it’s pretty frozen it effectively works as a flexible cold compress. It may sound silly, but wrapping that thing around your itchy belly feels really good when the rash is acting up. I would keep two washcloths in the freezer so that I could swap out between them as needed.
          • Hot/Cold Shower – This one depends on what works for you and what you can deal with. I’ve heard some women say that they took cold showers during their pregnancy to calm the rash, but I personally can’t do cold showers. Instead what I would do was turn up the water to pretty hot and point it at the rash. It would numb up the area for a while and allow me to sleep if I did it right before bed. I did this for spots that were not on my belly because I did want to get the baby that hot. Some people will tell you that you can’t take a hot shower period, but the danger is really in raising your core body temperature, not just a spot on your body. So while you shouldn’t get in a hot tub or a really hot bath, a shower is usually okay.
          • Lotions/Oils – Everyone recommends cocoa butter for stretch marks, and while I’m not really sure it prevented any stretchmarks, it did help to alleviate some itching. Lush makes a body butter massage bar that a friend bought for me, it’s called Therapy, that I would rub on after a shower before I got into bed (It’s very oily, so be carefuly what you’re wearing). There’s also a thing called Bio-Oil that I highly recommend for stretch marks, c-section scars, rashes and 41pKemFrj4L._SY450_[1]any other skin problems you may have. You can find it at Babies ‘R Us and I believe most grocery or drug stores. It worked wonders for me, and made my skin feel so much better (also very messy for clothes though). If you can’t find either of those, you can always just use regular cocoa butter from the store, really any lotion will help a little.

          In addition to being a terrible pregnancy symptom, there is the chance that the rash will hang around a while after you give birth. For most women that it affects, the symptoms disappear as soon as that baby is out. However, some women have said they’ve had symptoms for up to a year after birth. Personally I’m almost 5 months out right now and I’m still experiencing a few problems with rashes, but not nearly the same severity as while I was pregnant. So there is hope! My go to is still Bio-Oil and some lotion.